The smart indoor
farming solution


Our growing system is a modular and scalable product, using AI to optimise growing cycles, yields and energy usage.


We bring farming into urban and metro environments and create a food production system that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

POD Farms provide a solution that can turn non farmers into farmers. Our facilities transform spaces in commercial and industrial properties that are currently under utilised or unable to be tenanted by traditional businesses into productive revenue generating farms.

Product Features

We deliver a solution that can open agricultural business and employment opportunities to people without agricultural degrees or training. POD Farms software features include:


AI systems that optimise yields, reduce power and water consumptions.


Comprehensive data reporting and analysis.


Remote control and visibility of our hardware/faculties.


POD Farms offers numerous microgreens and leafy greens including: 

  • Black oil sunflower microgreens

  • Pea shoots

  • A spicy microgreen mix

  • Basil microgreens

  • Kale

  • A lettuce leaf mix

“With my love of fresh food and nutrition the POD Farms concept was born.”

The concept of POD Farms started with a test facility I built at my home. I wanted to see how much produce I could grow in a small space. Our test lab has been growing for over a year now. Since joining the BlueChilli accelerator we have made significance developments in our hardware and user platform, as well as started to explore the future for indoor farming in Australia.


Join other Aussies in selecting a more sustainable future